Friday, June 19, 2009

Zion pictures

Zion is only a couple hours from Bryce, so it was a morning hike in Bryce, an amazing drive down, down, down the canyons and through a looong tunnel, and then an afternoon hike to the Lower Emerald Pool in Zion. Why not the middle and upper Emerald Pools, you ask? The short three sentence description warned hikers have died ascending to the middle pool where there are sheer drop offs! Anyway the kids were pretty beat--as evidenced by our willingness to see beds in the canyon walls! On one of our walks--up weeping rock--Ian found a tiny feeder stream to the Virgin River. The ranger told us ahead of time that there were fish in the river. So we spent the better part of the morning playing in mud, watching fish, dragonflies, and lizards. A particularly aggressive brown and yellow bird sat on a ledge eyeing Ian's cookie and, I'm sure, would have eaten out of his hand if he didn't love his cookie so much. (Though he did say that "birdies are my friends.")

While we played in the river, Jim, Nic, and Devin hiked the Riverwalk and then actually walked through the narrows, a part of the canyon that is entirely river. Devin got wet up to her waist. Nic fell in. All had fun.

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