Saturday, June 20, 2009

From Desert to CA Coast

Today we drove from Las Vegas to Newport Beach, California. Now that we're here it's beautiful, but the first part of the day took us through the worst terrain we've seen yet. I can't imagine what Death Valley has over the bleak, desolate, hostile ground we covered. Maybe the name "death" was already taken, so they just went with Barstow.

Fortunately the day had a very happy ending as we went to my sister Mary's for dinner with her, her husband John, & the much beloved baby cousin Cole. There was much joy at playing with toys (Ian) & learning Guitar Hero (Nic & Devin). We're here for four days that include the Disney trip we've held before the kids like a carrot before a horse.

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  1. Thanks for the narrative and pictures. I'm so excited for the kids to be able to do all this exploring. So gald you are seeing Brian and Mary et al. Hope you have fun at Disney (OF COURSE YOU WILL!) and then you still have so much to see. I remember the 11 of us, together trying to reach around those Sequoia and failing. They are soooo big. Enjoy each day. You are making wonderful memories.

    Love and God bless,
    Mom and Dad