Monday, June 8, 2009

The Itinerary

Packing is in full frenzy now! Do we bring dishwashing liquid or buy it on the road? Can Devin's sneakers make it for the trip? Which spices are vital to bring?

Here's our itinerary. The picture was from a much-needed trial run overnight we took. So, yes, we can start a fire and make s'mores.

Tues. 6/9 Leave Iowa
Fri. 6/12 Arrive Arches: Devil’s Garden Campground
Sun. 6/14 Leave for and arrive at Bryce: North Campground
Tues. 6/16 Leave for and arrive at Zion: Watchman Campground
Thurs. 6/18 Leave Zion
Sat. 6/20 Arrive LA: Newport Dunes
Mon. 6/22 Disney!
Wed. 6/24 Leave for and arrive Sequoia: Lodgepole
Fri. 6/26 Leave for and arrive Yosemite Pines Resort
Tues. 6/30 Leave for Yellowstone
Fri. 7/3 Arrive Yellowstone: Grant Village except 7/8-9 Mammoth Springs
Thurs. 7/9 Leave for Badlands/Custer State Park (524 mi.)
Fri. 7/10 Arrive Badlands, Custer State Park Resort (Blue Bell Lodge)
Sun. 7/12 Leave for home
Mon. 7/13 Arrive home


  1. Sounds wonderful! Yosemite, Yellowstone & Badlands were some of my favorite places!! Take lots of pictures. And of course, Disney - but, Fl. Disney is bigger & better!!! Have a wonderful time. I look forward to your updates.
    Love to all - Nancy

  2. Here's a hint, possibly too late: I am told the best thing to use to start a fire is dryer lint.

    Pull this off and you'll all be ready for next year's Survivor!

  3. This is a test to see if I can leave a comment.
    I hope you "got off" at a good time and that you have had a good day on the road. It rained here most of the day. I am over a week behind in the painting schedure with the recent rains. Have a good night.

    Dad O