Monday, June 15, 2009

Arches & Bryce

Arches was beautiful but seriously remote. This is our first Wi-fit access in a while. Arches is a high desert and we camped on a Mars-like landscape with red rock outcroppings and fine red sand. The kids loved climbing the rocks & playing in the sand dunes. I don't think the sand will ever come out of their socks. They could care less about breathtaking views, so we've tried to mix it up.

We're now in Bryce, which is only about five hours south of Arches, but has a completely different topography. We're camping at the top of a canyon where there are a lot of pine trees. The canyon is a mix of yellows, browns, & reds. We're keeping a tight grip on Ian, who likes to point at hundred yard drops & ask "we go there?"


  1. Ahh! That would give me a heart attack.

  2. It was wonderful to talk with you yesterday. The wonder of today's technology enables us to share with your travels via your blog as you travel. How surreal! Brian says that he and Lauren will be seeing you at John and Mary's June 20th or 21st. They'll be there for wedding. Brian says it's now been 4 years since he has seen Nic and Devin. Hope you all have a fun time together!!
    Love and God bless,
    Grammie and Papa